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IQ Air Clean Zone Series

The IQAir Cleanzone 5000 is a powerful mobile air cleaning system which offers high-volume, high-efficiency performance at minimal noise levels, and can effectively provide clean air to large indoor environments. The modular design of the Cleanzone 5000 allows the system to be optimized for a wide variety of requirements in medical, public, industrial and corporate settings.

IQAir Cleanzone 5100

IQAir Cleanzone 5200

IQAir Cleanzone 5300


  most powerful air cleaning system of its class
  targeted filtration of over 2,000 contaminants
  improves air quality of up to 99%
  choice of gas phase media for optimized removal of gaseous chemicals and odours (for Cleanzone 5200 & 5300 only)
  12 air changes per hour (ACH) in rooms up to 83m2
  ultra quiet operation
  safety approved in accordance with hospital norms
  suitable for FDA-required controlled environments
  engineered for airborne infection control and compliance with OSHA and CDC guidelines  
  Advanced controls
      10 selectable fan speed settings
      Intelligent filter life monitor and filter replacement LEDs
      Advanced timer to allow programming of operating hours and weekdays
      Supplied with remote control          

Medical Public & Institutional Trade & Industry
  medical practices / clinics / hospitals   nursing rooms   bars / restaurants / hotels / casinos 
  microbiological- & research labs   archives / libraries   offices / open-plan offices
  intensive care units (ICU & NICU)   airports   print shops
  IVF-Labs   cafeterias   conference rooms
  organ transplant & oncology wards   kindergartens / play schools   art restoration & conservation
    (protective isolation)   places of worship   data storage
  TB wards (containment isolation)   museums   laboratories
  post-operative recovery   schools   mechanical work shops
  dialysis rooms   military   nail & beauty salons
  emergency & field medical care units   smoking rooms / cigar lounges   fitness studios & wellness centres

Comparison Chart

Model Cleanzone 5100 Cleanzone 5200 Cleanzone 5300
Application Maximum reduction of particulate matter and microorganisms Maximum reduction of gaseous substances, odours and particulate matter Maximum reduction of gaseous substances, odours and microorganisms
Max. air delivery rate 2,400 m3/h 2,200 m3/h 1,800 m3/h
Removal Efficiency for Particulates
(> 0.3 micron)
> 99.97% > 99% > 99.97%
Dimensions (incl. casters)                                     643 x 643 x 1943 mm        
Weight incl. filter (approx.) ca. 75 kg ca. 146 kg ca. 120 kg
Gas Filtration none 54 kg 31 kg