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IQ Air GC / GCX Series

The IQAir GC / GCX Series offer professional control of gaseous contaminants and odours. Each system contains four filter cartridges with cylindrical shape and large surface area for ensuring superior gas removal efficiencies while also maintaining a high air delivery rate. Besides, the system consists of a HEPA pre-filter to remove particulates before reaching the gaseous filtration process, which increases the efficiency and the life of the gas phase filter.

IQAir GC Series

IQAir GCX Series


  3-stage filtration
  Individually tested and certified for guaranteed filtration efficiency of > 99% for particles with size 
     > 0.3 micron, and supplied with a hand-signed Certificate of Performance
  Unique cartridge system allows for superior gas and odour control
  Four customized and advanced models for your specific gas and odour removal needs
  Advanced controls
      4 languages selection
      6 selectable fan speeds
      Intelligent filter life monitor and filter replacement LEDs
      Advanced timer to allow programming of operating hours and weekdays
      Supplied with remote control
  Autopsy labs & mortuaries
  Dissecting rooms
  Hair & nail and beauty salons
  Laser surgery
  Areas with solvent contamination
  Photo-processing labs
  Rooms with elevated concentrations of cigar smoke
  Incontinence wards
  Veterinary environments

Comparison Chart

Model GC Series GCX Series
Max. air delivery rate 400 m3/h 425 m3/h
Dimensions (H x W x D) 71 x 38 x 41 cm 102 x 38 x 41 cm
Weight incl. filter (approx.) MultiGas: 20 kg
VOC: 19 kg
ChemiSorber: 22 kg
AM: 20 kg
MultiGas: 28 kg
VOC: 27 kg
ChemiSorber: 30 kg
AM: 28 kg
Filter surface area /
media  content
Pre-filter 3.0 m2 5.5 m2
Gas & odour filter MultiGas: ca. 5.4 kg
VOC: ca. 4.2 kg
ChemiSorber: ca. 7.8 kg
AM: ca. 5.4 kg
MultiGas: ca. 9.8 kg
VOC: ca. 7.8 kg
ChemiSorber: ca. 14.6 kg
AM: ca. 9.8 kg
Post-filter 0.5 m2 0.86 m2